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Introducing Otto’s Pizza Stix – the only Authentic Handmade walk around pizza product in the market that has already garnered amazing customer reviews.   

Developed in 1988 by company founder Otto Rafael Penarredonda after his beloved father Otto Sr. ( R.I.P.) saw him making the product and tasted them, he told him " son you need to market this wonderful product and call them " Pizza Stix". Hence the reason why the 2nd revival of the product is now personalized and called "Otto's Pizza Stix", in memory of his Father.   

In 1990, Otto’s Pizza Stix was successfully introduced to the marketplace through several restaurants, and by 1993 it had opened its own USDA facility in Long Beach, California. The company would open two more production facilities selling 10,000 Otto’s Pizza Stix per day to wholesale Retailer Distribution, schools, military bases and popular amusement parks including Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo.   

By 1997, Otto’s Pizza Stix expanded to its first company retail location and over the next 3 years opened several more. Otto’s Pizza Stix did exceptionally well in all its venues and gained the attention of capital investors eager to take the brand nationally.   

In 2000, Otto Rafael signed a non-compete agreement and sold a controlling interest of the company to an outside management team in the hopes of rapidly scaling the concept. The management team did not fulfill their obligation to launch nationally and the Otto’s Pizza Stix concept was not introduced to the market at-large.   

In 2010, the non-compete clause had run its course, and Otto again regained uncontested rights and controls to Otto’s Pizza Stix. Otto Rafael is now resolved to revive Otto’s Pizza Stix and allow its wings to fly higher than ever before!   

In 2016 Otto’s Pizza Stix Inc. a California based S Corporation was formed for the express purpose of re-launching the Otto’s Pizza Stix .The company currently owns all rights to Otto’s Pizza Stix including the name, proprietary recipes, manufacturing process, logos and trademarked graphics associated with the products.  


Otto Rafael

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His Purpose" Romans 8:28

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