Our Products


Otto's Pizza Stix Inc. is foremost the Sole manufacturer of the Otto's Pizza Stix, a "FIRST to MARKET" foods product.  

Otto’s Pizza Stix is made with a proprietary process and a secret blend of fresh ingredients that in combination with its Authentic pizza dough and Handmade process produce an unforgettable and unique taste.

In this day and age of processed and machine made foods, nothing much has changed from 30 years ago. It's our Commitment in bringing back this wonderful Handmade Pizza product!

Otto’s Pizza Stix is currently available in five delicious choices with several more varieties under development. No product (pizza or otherwise) compares to Otto’s Pizza Stix in taste, texture, or variety of flavors. But what really makes Otto’s Pizza Stix special is that they can be purchased and enjoyed hot at the point of sale, and that they are also packaged and sold frozen for future enjoyment at the customers’ home or workplace. 

Easy and fast heating instructions are included in each frozen package to replicate the fresh taste when heating Otto’s Pizza Stix at the customer’s convenience.