Our Foundation


Colombia De Mi Corazon


With this commitment of taking OPS to a high level of success again, we are very Blessed to share that a portion of the proceeds of each Otto's Pizza Stix sold  goes to fund "Colombia de mi Corazon" our foundation supporting kids of poverty in Colombia, S.A

* Our foundation Colombia De Mi Corazon is located in Armenia - Quindio and Cartagena Colombia, S.A.

* The foundation was started by the founder of Otto's Pizza Stix Inc., Otto Rafael who was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and came to the USA as a young boy..

* After building a Successful business career as an Entrepreneur in the food service industry, Otto Rafael decided to give back to his native country thru this foundation

* The foundation is funded by his foods products company "Otto's Pizza Stix Inc".

* Part of all the proceeds that are generated thru his company go to the foundation

* the foundation sole Objective is to help children of poverty in Colombia

* the foundation has 3 goals for these children

1) Feed them so they will never ever be hungry
2) Clothe them so they will always have adequate clothing.
3) Lead them to a Spiritual Christian base for Our Lord Jesus Christ