Our Impact


Consumers of fast food focus on taste, price and quality - in that order. While the food is often highly processed and prepared in an assembly line, these restaurants focus on consistency of experience, affordability, and speed. 

Otto’s Pizza Stix’ biggest competitive edge is the knowledge and industry experience that founder Otto Rafael brings to this project. His previous success specifically with selling 10,000 Otto’s Pizza Stix per day and the market knowledge he brings will ensure the company’s early success. 

Additionally, the rest of the management team has been handpicked by Otto Rafael and each member excels in his respective field. In addition, the following factors will contribute to the success of this project:

1. Industry expertise of shareholders Otto Rafael and Mike 

2. Delicious food product 

3. Proprietary process for producing a quality product 

4. Robust demand in all high traffic venues 

5. Distribution Channels seek First to Market products 

6. Eat hot and take home products 

7. Ready-made sales though company operated Mobile Food Trucks